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Top Natural Ways to Help Anxiety  Fact Checked Written byRoss Bailey, BScKin, MKin Medically reviewed by  Dr. Alex Keller, ND  (Fullscript) How do you cope with anxiety? Whether you’re struggling with the demands of your career, family life, or growing list of responsibilities, feelings of anxiety are a normal part of life. However, for some […]

Hormonal Hair Loss in Women – Causes and Natural Treatment Strategies

Hormonal Hair Loss in Women: Causes and Natural Treatment Strategies Written byKarolyn Gazella  (Fullscript) Medically reviewed by  Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, RN While a full head of hair is not biologically essential to physical health, it can have significant psychological and social implications, especially for women. (4) From a clinical standpoint, any form of hair […]

Menopause: Signs, Symptoms and Support

What is Menopause?: Signs, Symptoms, and Support Written byAmanda Murdoch, BA Medically reviewed by  Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, RN (Fullscript) Menopause is a normal part of the aging process that all women will experience within their lifetimes. (3) Most often occurring naturally, menopause typically lasts for several years, with women experiencing menopause for up to 40% of […]

The Keto Diet Explained & 7 Rules for Success

Written by Kayla Robinson, BKin, RHN Medically reviewed by Dr. Alex Keller, ND (Fullscript) In recent years, the ketogenic diet has gained popularity as a weight loss diet. Commonly referred to as the keto diet, this dietary pattern was originally developed in 1921 as a treatment for epilepsy. Since then, it has been used to […]

Meditation – Types, Tips, Techniques

– Written by Karolina Zaremba, CNP Meditation, a practice that originates from spiritual Buddhist and Hindu traditions, (7) includes a wide variety of contemplative exercises. (4) The term meditation often encompasses both the technique used and the altered state of consciousness that results from the practice. (4) Learn about the different types of meditation and […]

Sweet Tooth? What you need to know about Sugar and Sweeteners

(Fullscript – K. Zaremba, CNP) The negative health effects of sugar, including weight gain and obesity, have been well-established. (12) Leading organizations, such as the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recommend limiting dietary intake of added sugars to less than 10% of daily calories. (4)(20) Unfortunately, sugar is still prevalent […]

Woodbridge Naturopath – Cholesterol Help

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about cholesterol. So, having high cholesterol is a pretty big issue in our society today, and you might be suffering from this condition. You might have been recently diagnosed or have been dealing with it for years. It’s important to understand a few things about cholesterol. Number […]

Nip your Allergies in the Bud!

Spring is in the air! For many kids, March break is here, and with it the excitement and enthusiasm that a few days off school in good weather can bring! In a couple of weeks, Easter will take over with Easter egg hunts and the Easter Bunny. It’s great to see young kids having a […]

Woodbridge Naturopath: Help for Spring Allergies

Are your allergies starting to act up?  Do you have a history of really bad allergies in the spring or fall? Or, have you never suffered from allergies until this year, and now you’re starting to get symptoms? These past few years have been particularly bad for people who suffer from allergies.  Even people who […]

Woodbridge Naturopath: 7 Natural Ways to Alleviate Your Allergy Symptoms

If you’ve struggled with seasonal allergies year after year, or if it is something new that has just cropped up this year for you, then you know how hard it is to live a normal life. You’re probably online looking for solutions, after trying all kinds of over-the-counter remedies.  You want something that is going […]

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