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Woodbridge Naturopath: How We Help with Sinusitis

If you live or work in or near Woodbridge, Ontario, and you suffer with sinusitis, I’m really glad you’re reading this blog post right now.  In my Woodbridge Naturopathic Medicine practice, I have helped many people overcome sinusitis using all natural methods.

Do you suffer from chronic sinus problems that hit you every time you have allergy or cold symptoms?  If you have pain or pressure in your head, or congestion around your nose, eyes or forehead, you may be suffering from sinusitis.  Your sinuses are a series of hollow cavities in your skull, in the area of the forehead, cheeks, and around the eyes.  They drain through the nose and can become blocked as a result of inflammation of the cavity lining.

If you’re struggling with acute sinusitis, it may be that you’ve had a bacterial or viral infection of the sinus cavity, that causes a variety of unsettling symptoms, such as congestion, excess mucus production, discomfort and pressure around the eyes, cheeks and forehead, as well as headaches.

Woodbridge Naturopath Sinus Relief

Woodbridge Naturopath Sinus Relief 

If you have repetitive bouts of sinusitis, those cavities are in a chronic or recurrent state of inflammation.

So why don’t over-the-counter medications always help?

Sinus medication may contain antihistamines or pain-killers, which may relieve some symptoms, but don’t do anything to address the potential causes of the problem.

Sinus discomfort caused by an acute infection will not be eradicated using antihistamines.  Antihistamines are helpful for an allergic response, but where there’s infection, your immune system needs to to be assisted.  Natural herbs and remedies that help the immune system mount an appropriate response will help to clear away the offending infection.

If you have chronic inflammation, it’s important to understand and identify what’s causing it, and address that.  For example, hay fever, dust and other environmental allergens can trigger swelling of the sinus cavity lining.  And just as chronic nasal congestion can be caused by food intolerances, so, too, can chronic sinusitis.  Food sensitivity testing is crucial, as it’s not always evident which foods might be triggering your symptoms.  Eliminating or desensitizing these foods can be an important first step, to decrease the stress on your system.

Acupuncture and other body therapies may also be extremely helpful in unblocking sinuses, to promote air and energy flow and optimal function of the nasal and sinus cavities.  They can also help with acute symptoms such as headache and pressure.

What if you’ve tried all these things and still nothing works?  For a number of people, the actual cause of the inflammation is not viral/bacterial or allergic, but is, rather, a fungal infection.  In these cases, the fungus must be dealt with, and neither antihistamine nor painkiller will do the job.  A healthy digestive tract, a robust immune system, and antifungal supplements can help get things under control.

Treating sinusitis is an individualized process, where one size definitely does not fit all.  If you have been suffering for years with sinusitis, or even if this is your very first occurrence, it’s a good idea to get it checked out.  If you’re in Woodbridge, Ontario, and are looking for a Naturopath who can help you using all-natural Naturopathic Medicine, call now to book a free 15-minute consult.   www.WoodbridgeNaturopath.com  905-851-2216







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