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Naturopathy or Homeopathy – What’s the Difference?

If you’re struggling with a troublesome health problem that is causing you a lot of discomfort or even pain, you’re probably looking for something that’s going to help you, and you’ve probably tried a lot of things.  If you’re on my site, you’ve  likely already heard of holistic medicine (or natural medicine), herbal medicine, or Naturopathic Medicine.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from people who are new (or not so new) to Naturopathic medicine is “What’s the difference between Naturopathy and Homeopathy?  This is a very important and valid question.

Although there are multiple differences between the two, it can also become very convoluted and confusing trying to give a clear explanation.

Rather than overly complicate things with details, I like to shorten it to an analogy.  If you visualize Naturopathic Medicine as a toolbox, inside that toolbox are a number of tools.  Naturopathic tools  include things like Diet and Lifestyle modification, Botanical Medicine (herbs in many forms),  Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Counselling, Soft tissue therapies, hydrotherapy, and others.  One of these other tools is Homeopathy.


Woodbridge Naturopath Homeopathy or Naturopathy?

Woodbridge Naturopath Homeopathy or Naturopathy?


A Homeopathic Doctor or Practitioner will analyze a patient using a very intricate style of detailed questioning, which will help him or her to arrive at a very specific remedy  (one out of hundreds).  The remedy is usually taken in the form of little white pellets or liquid.  This single remedy will initiate an process of gentle internal changes, on the mental, physical and emotional levels.

A Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine will assess a patient and make a diagnosis, then will treat using any combination of the tools in their toolbox, which may (or may not) include homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic remedies are unique unto themselves.  Many people are very familiar with medical drugs, or herbal or nutritional natural remedies.  It’s often a lot harder for people to wrap their heads around homeopathy.  In standard medicine and most natural medicines, a drug/treatment is considered more potent the higher the strength.  However, because of the way the homeopathic remedy is produced, the potency increases the more and more diluted it is.  A clear understanding of the potencies is required in order to properly prescribe, and elicit the desired result.  Over-the-counter homeopathic combinations may not be as effective, because they cater to the masses and not to the individual.


Naturopathy vs Homeopathy?  What's the Difference?

Naturopathy vs Homeopathy? What’s the Difference?


As you can see, Naturopathic medicine and Homeopathic medicine are not the same thing, although they work together very synergistically.  Some people may have remarkable recoveries from a single homeopathic remedy repeated appropriately, while others benefit from the overall holistic approach of Naturopathic Medicine.

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