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Woodbridge Naturopath: 7 Natural Ways to Alleviate Your Allergy Symptoms

If you’ve struggled with seasonal allergies year after year, or if it is something new that has just cropped up this year for you, then you know how hard it is to live a normal life.

You’re probably online looking for solutions, after trying all kinds of over-the-counter remedies.  You want something that is going to help you.

The good news is that if you’re not familiar with Naturopathic Medicine, you’re on this page for a reason.  There’s a good chance this article could be very helpful for you.

This year, the allergy season has been pretty bad so far.  Allergies are not just an annual nuisance, but are the result of an immune system that is out of balance.  A large portion of your immune system is located in the gut, so an over-reaction of the immune system to harmless allergens can also be the result of a compromised digestive system.

It is important when treating allergies, that you not only focus on the symptoms, but also on the root cause.  As a basic foundation, it is important to:

a)  Be aware of food sensitivities

b)  Decrease inflammation in the digestive tract, using herbal and homeopathic remedies

c)  Ease the load on your digestive tract, through the proper use of enzymes, good bacteria, and acid balance

d)  Heal the tissues of the digestive tract

e)  Feed your cells using proper nutrition

With these things in place, it will be much easier to alleviate allergy symptoms faster and for a much longer time.

With that in mind, here are some ways to help you accomplish that:

(Keep in mind, this is for informational purposes only, and should only be used under proper guidance and supervision).

1)  Bioflavonoids – These are a category of food substances typically found in a variety of foods.  The most well-known of these for allergies is Quercetin.  It is like a natural “anti-histamine”, as it helps block the body’s natural response of histamine production.

2) Vitamin C – This vitamin and antioxidant works alongside Quercitin, and is also a natural support for the immune system.

3)  Stinging Nettles – This herb will do exactly as described (sting) if touched, but as a dried herb or tincture, it can help to alleviate a number of allergy symptoms.

4)  Nasal Irrigation/Sinus rinse – Using a sterile saline solution to rinse out mucus and calm inflamed nasal tissue can provide relief.  Neti pots had been historically used for this purpose, but outside of the Naturopathic community, it was not well-known until fairly recently.  Now, they can be purchased almost anywhere.

5)  Probiotics – These are the crucial “good bacteria” we hear about so often these days.  A healthy gut flora is required for proper use of nutrients.  These good bacteria can be obtained through many foods and through a variety of supplements.

6)  Homeopathics – These remedies use minute doses of very dilute substances, which act on the energy system of the body to shift mental and physical symptoms.  A properly-chosen remedy can bring quick relief to the allergy-sufferer.

7)  Energetic Therapies – These therapies do not “treat” allergies, but rather, help to bring the body into homeostatic balance with the stressors which are causing annoying symptoms.

Allergy symptoms do not have to knock you out every year.  You can start to breathe easier in no time, and I can help you with that!

If you haven’t tried Naturopathic Medicine yet, contact me here to book a free 15-minute consult.  You can download my free ebook at the top of this page for health and wellness tips on how to thrive in our modern society. Once you’ve done that, visit me and “Like” my page at https://www.Facebook.com/LindaBrownND 

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