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Allergies – Relief is on its Way!

One of the most challenging times of year for many people, perhaps including you, is allergy season, and this is no different in Woodbridge or the Greater Toronto Area.  From childhood through adulthood, the number of allergy sufferers is staggering and on the increase year after year.

Common allergy symptoms include itchy, watery, red eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and fatigue.  For some, these symptoms are quite mild, however, if they are more severe, it could make getting through this time of year extremely challenging for you.

Woodbridge Naturopath Allergy Relief

Woodbridge Naturopath Allergy Relief

The most intense symptoms commonly occur in the early spring and late summer/fall.  Tree and flower pollens are the main spring culprits, while ragweed plays a major role in the fall.  Grasses of all kinds can also wreak havoc for sensitive individuals throughout the summer.

However, you may also be reacting to outdoor moulds, dusts, animal dander, and other particulates in the air, without even realizing it.  With smog and pollution on the increase, there is no shortage of air particles for you to react to.

How can you deal with this?
Using conventional methods – allergy shots, antihistamines, and other prescription or over-the-counter preparations, you can effectively subdue these symptoms.  However, more and more people no longer want to use drugs, so you may be searching for more natural approaches for your health concerns.

These types of allergic responses are related to an overreaction of the immune system, mistaking otherwise harmless substances as a threat to the body.  A major part of the immune system is associated with the digestive tract, so it is important to start to repair your digestive tissue.  Naturopathic medicine excels at treating the gut.

There may also be emotional issues involved in allergy.  Early traumas or fears, for example, may be associated with the development and triggering of allergic responses.  Sometimes, it may be necessary to deal with some of these emotional aspects for your optimal relief and healing.

There are also many natural substances and nutrients which can act as antihistamines, without the additional stress of adding chemicals to the body.  Herbal and homeopathic remedies can quickly bring you relief, and strengthen the body to minimize future allergic reactions.

Energetic therapies can effectively neutralize symptoms or desensitize allergic responses.  They can decrease the impact of plant and pollen stressors on your body, to help bring your body’s response into balance.

A combination of these gentle and needle-free natural therapies and treatments can help your body feel normal again, and make dreading spring and fall allergy season in Woodbridge and the Greater Toronto Area a thing of the past.

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